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Calling all Wine Lovers – Be a Wine Judge for a Day!

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The search is on for approximately 200 every-day wine lovers to apply and become wine judges for the seventh annual Consumer Wine Awards. The wine tasting will take place on Saturday, April 11 in Sacramento, Calif. This fresh new approach to wine competitions employs panels of everyday wine lovers, rather than just professional judges, to assess hundreds of wines. Wine professionals and specially trained wine judges are not allowed. This is a wine tasting by the people and for the people.

Wine lovers are invited to apply to become consumer wine evaluators for the competition.

JudgingHundreds of wines representing every type and style will be included and correspondingly the search is on for people who love everything from White Zinfandel to intense red Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc to Cabernet Sauvignon, fruit wines, familiar to obscure grape varieties, bubblies and beyond. Sweet wine lovers are especially encouraged to apply and have a voice in the voting.

The panels are responsible for assessing the categories of wines they would be most inclined to buy and enjoy. Sweet wine lovers will evaluate sweet wines, Chardonnay devotees will weigh in on which Chardonnays capture their attention, and big red wine enthusiasts will taste and assess a range of the intense wines they love. The sensitivity and preferences assessment for Consumer Wine Evaluators is conducted via and is also part of a larger, on-going study of wine consumer preferences, attitudes and behaviors.

The new location for 2015 event is the result of a strategic partnership with the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau (SCVB). The Consumer Wine Awards will add another, and significantly larger, wine-focused attraction to Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork events resume.

As a special bonus, the Consumer Wine Awards also includes consumer seminars and tastings where participants can learn more about how individual taste sensitivity shapes wine preferences. Everyone is invited to participate in the wine tasting and seminar whether they are selected to be a wine judge or not.

“The Consumer Wine Awards is open to wines of every region, grape variety, type and style from around the world,” said Tim Hanni, a Master of Wine and one of the event founders. “It is the first to recognize and celebrate the fact every person has unique physiological and sensory differences that profoundly affect wine and food preferences.”

The partnership between the Consumer Wine Awards and the SCVB will ensure that the subsequent Consumer Awards Gala and Tasting will become a central part of Sacramento’s annual Grape Escape wine tasting and culinary extravaganza, scheduled for June 6.

Contact Tim Hanni MW at, (707) 337-0327 for more details and information.