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Time to Submit Wines for Consumer Wine Awards 2015!

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Help us break the “Tyranny of the Minority!”


The Consumer Wine Awards is much more than just another wine competition. We have been conducting important consumer research for better understanding preferences, behaviors and attitudes. We are dedicated to enabling consumers to explore and rejoice in the incredible range of wines available from every part of the US and beyond. We are constructing new pathways for meaningful, peer-to-peer wine recommendations between consumers who share similar wine tastes and values. We are committed to a healthier, vibrant and diverse wine marketplace.

You know how much consumers love your wines! You hear it in your tasting room. You hear it at events where you pour your wines. And you are sick and tired of hearing, “why can’t I find your wines in stores or restaurants?” The Consumer Wine Awards is dedicated breaking the stranglehold of the wine ratings, wine critic myopia and status quo of the “tyranny of the minority” – a handful of wine experts and publications that focus on a narrow range of producing areas and even smaller number of wine varieties and styles. And to make things worse wine distributors, retailers and restaurants seem to overly rely on these point systems and critic’s scores leaving truly delicious and distinctive wines out of the loop – and off of the shelves and wine lists.

And what will happen as consumers migrate to other simpler beverage options? John Gillespie, president of The Wine Market Council, made its 10th annual presentation of U.S. wine consumer trends last Friday morning in Napa, CA His research illustrates distressing trends among wine consumers and Gillespie was more pessimistic about the business than he had been for years. His pessimism stems from a slower growth rate for wine than he’s seen in a decade, and younger drinkers, who will dominate the market in the future, migrating to craft beer and spirits-based drink options instead.

Celebrating the diversity of wine types, styles and regions!
To address this growing bottleneck for wine producers the Consumer Wine Awards is creating a direct connection to, and critical feedback from, consumers. A means to have every-day wine lovers evaluate and give meaningful awards to the styles of wines they love the most. At the 2015 Consumer Wine Awards in Sacramento we will 200 or more consumers separated into panels using evaluating wines using our revolutionary methodology to judge and award to the wines they love the most. We also invite you to consider participating in the Grape Escape & Consumer Wine Awards Celebration on June 6th in Sacramento. We are expecting 4,000 attendees and have fantastic new activities and technologies to help drive the right consumers to try your wines.

Submit your wines TODAY! Our deadline for submissions is March 25th, 2015.

A summary of our research and findings from our 2010 study is attached. Here is a glimpse of what we have found when we segment the wine consumer market by taste sensitivities and wine preferences:

Confidence = consumption and the Consumer Wine Awards is taking a revolutionary approach to empowering and connecting consumers to wines they will love.


Are your target consumers most at risk of migrating to other beverage options? Our research shows that the consumers of the “status quo” wines are confident and dedicated to wine and that consumers who prefer delicate, diverse styles of wine (maybe the wines you are most proud of and the critics ignore?) are far more likely to bail out and switch to cocktails or beer!