7th Annual Consumer Wine Awards

Anyone Can Attend the Seminars!

Even if you are not selected as a Wine Evaluator, tickets are still available HERE to participate in Tim Hanni's "It's Ok to Play with your Food & Wine" seminar, as well as "Group Therapy" with Christine Trice. Both include wine, lively discussion, and FUN with wine! Buy Now!

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About the Consumer Wine Awards (CWA)

The mission of the Consumer Wine Awards is celebrating the diversity of both the wines of the world and the diversity of the people who love wine. The CWA premise is that there is often an inverse relationship between the wines favored by trained wine experts and wine judges in traditional competitions and the wines that are cherished and sought after by every-day wine lovers. The CWA format was created by Master of Wine and sensory specialist Tim Hanni MW, G.M “Pooch” Pucilowski, who ran the California State Wine competition for 25 years, and Aaron Kidder, proprietor of Kidder Family vineyards and also a software and IT specialist. Chris Cutler, a technology, wine marketing and social media specialist, joined the team in 2014. The Consumer Wine Awards also provides a foundation for conducting formal wine consumer research projects that are at the core of both their methods for assessing the wine as well as creating innovative ways to segment the wine market and promote wine enjoyment on a personal level.



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